Do-it-yourself Web Site Standard Package

Do-It-Yourself with web site builder package's simple and intuitive user interface makes creating and updating your website easier then ever. With plenty of templates to choose from and easy-to-use wizards, you do not have to worry about the technical issues of building a site. You can let your creative juices flow building a great web site in minutes.

Key Features
  • Free DNS Services , Free Sub-Domains, Free Auto-Renew, Free Registrar Lock, Free Reports.
  • Create a 3-Page Web Site easily and quickly with our Wizard.
  • Choose from 30 different Web Site Templates.
  • Have visitors send you questions or any other message with a Feedback Form
  • Get your web site in 3 easy steps. Choose a design, customize your site, and show the world!
  • $50/year

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